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We are HACCP compliant and our facility is audited yearly. We use freshly cut A-Grade HALAAL meat.


We have our very own refrigerated fleet of trucks, we deliver to over 200 stores regionally and offer the very best service.

I discovered this place yesterday and I couldn’t be more pleased with myself and them! Their pies are great! Their pies are everything!!! I heart the chicken pie the most! The owner mentioned that at the factory they have an in-house butchery and dedicated pastry area which explains why the pies taste like they’ve been made from scratch by a loving grandma. I would highly recommend you pay them a visit! They have warm ready to eat pies and frozen options you can keep in the freezer at home for whenever the craving hits you.

Bonolo Marcia Phuku

Lead time on all orders is 24-48 hours

Tel: (011) 455 0071 

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